Recently, the server has been crashed frequently for programs costing most of the memories. To avoid this, two suggestions are prosed.

  • One is more flexible by changing the maximum memory usage for one user locally or globally. Here I suggest users set this variable locally in case they want to run programs need lots of memories by adding ulimit -v 30000000 to .bash_profiles (30,000,000 means maximum 30G is allowed). If one want to run programs cost larger than 30G RAM, just change this value and re-login.

  • Another is running the following program serverWatchman to kill programs cost more than 90% memories.


#84G is the maximally allowed total memory usage.

while true
mem=`free -g | grep -- '^-' | awk '{print $3}'`
echo ${mem}
echo ${maxmem}
if [ ${mem} -gt ${maxmem} ]; then
info=`ps aux | sort -k4nr | head -n 1`
id=`echo ${info} | awk '{print $2}'`
#echo $id
echo ${info} | wall
kill -9 $id
# Be merciful, grieve the death of the process
sleep 60s
#exit 1
sleep 5s