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How to update the Journals Terms List of EndNote version X2

Fatkhulla Tadjimukhamedov, NMSU 2008

The Journals Term List is a necessary component of EndNote program that enables to automatically update the journal names as well as abbreviation features that are predefined in Term List files (usually saved in the directory C:\Program Files\EndNote X2\Terms Lists). In order to successfully update the journal terms list the following steps must be taken, so that the program will recognize the updated list: If you are updating the journal list terms of an already built library, make sure you back up the original file. When building a new library or editing the existing library you may realize that some citations are being abbreviated accordingly, while the others are not after importing references.   The reason for such inconsistency is that the Term List does not have proper Journals Term Lists set up. To fix this: 

1. Go to Tools menu > Open Term Lists > Journal Term List. This will open Term Lists message dialog.


2. On the Lists tab select journals and press Delete List… button. This will delete the Journals entry. Press Create List button and type Journals in the text field. Do not forget to check the Journal List under the text field otherwise it will result in error and the new list will not be recognized.

 3. Press OK button. Then press Import List button and navigate to C:\Program Files\EndNote X2\Terms Lists directory and select the desired term list. Press Open button to confirm the selection and press OK button in a message dialog prompted afterwards. Press Close button of Term Lists window. Now when you click on the references that did not use the journal title abbreviations previously, they will now show up in abbreviated format.

 4. One last important step that must to be done: Go to Edit menu > Preferences and select Term Lists  and uncheck the Update lists when importing or pasting references entry.


Some notes:

  1. Abbreviation: when a word is abbreviated, a dot will be followed.

  2. The term list can be downloaded from https://www.library.uq.edu.au/faqs/endnote/medical_2010.txt. It would be much better if you use the third column as the first colum to get another copy.

2.Endote reference double space, font, font size

In EndNote (not word), go up to Tools > Cite While You Write > Format Bibliography.  From here, you can change the line spacing of the bibliography and font type, font size.

Open Word and Endnote – then click on “Tools” – “Endnote 6″ – “Format Bibliography” – “Layout” – “Line
Spacing” and set to double space.

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Published on January 01, 2100


Published on January 01, 2100